Review: Elbow – Magnificent (She Says)

Elbow, a four piece alternative rock band hailing from Manchester, released their first single to their new album, Little Fictions, coming 3rd February 2017. This track has classical influences, much like One Day Like This, off their 2008 Mercury Prize-winning album The Seldom Seen Kid. 

The song opens quiet, then the melody kicks in, a wonderful mix of drums, piano and guitar. Guy Garvey’s voice is perfectly suited. He is quiet, but not sad. In the chorus, Garvey says, ‘It’s all going to be magnificent.’. This could be a reflection of the world now, Garvey saying his thoughts on our future. The chorus is backed by a violin, which suits it wonderfully, as a ballad of optimism.

The second verse is much like the first, optimistic and dignified and the song carries on like that to the end.

I like this song a lot. It’s a strong promise for the new Elbow album. It’s not as good as Grounds For Divorce, or the aforementioned One Day Like This, but still, an awesome song. Can’t wait for 3rd February. AC






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