Artist Spotlight: Teleman

So, a feature sometimes on this blog will be an artist spotlight. Today, I’m going to talk about one of my favourite bands, Teleman. Teleman is a four-piece indie pop band from London, formed in 2012. They use electronic elements to rock elements in some songs. They have released two albums to date, Breakfast (2014) and Brilliant Sanity (2016).

I found the band when listening to BBC Radio 6 Music in April 2016, and they were pretty much playing the songs ‘Dusseldorf’ and ‘Glory Hallelujah’ every show, every day. They had them in session one day and I couldn’t really tell the difference. Since then, I have listened to both albums and they are placed with my favourite artists, among Everything Everything and The Comsat Angels.

The vocalist, Thomas Sanders (not to be confused with the Vine star), is melancholic in some songs and reassuring in some songs. For example, the song ‘Cristina’ off 2014’s Breakfast is more melancholic compared to uplifting tracks like ‘Glory Hallelujah’ off 2016’s Brilliant Sanity. He has a low voice, he’s not exactly falsetto, but not a voice capable of being labelled on the Richter scale. The lyrical content is clever and not poor in the slightest, the melodies are extremely catchy, to the point of forcing it out of my head by playing other famous earworms (‘The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins’ usually works for me).

They have been on the festival circuit this year, opening the Radio 1 Stage at T In The Park (a slot held by Twenty One Pilots two years ago) and playing other festivals including Latitude Festival, Victorious Festival and Kendal Calling. They supported Belle and Sebastian at the Royal Albert Hall in London, where they hold the BBC Proms. Also, they supported Suede, Metronomy, Kaiser Chiefs, Maximo Park and Franz Ferdinand.

As well as festivals and support, they have been touring up and down Europe, doing clubs and sometimes concert venues. They have just recently played The Roundhouse in London, a famous and big venue, for their current popularity, is awesome, seeing as this is a venue played by the likes of Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and The Who back in the 70’s

Teleman are one of my favourite bands because of their unique sound, a melancholic but sometimes uplifting sound, used in different ways. I have no doubt that Teleman will become extremely popular in years to come. So if you see those letters on the top of the Glastonbury bill, you were there when it began. AC

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