5 Christmas Songs Released By Punk Bands

Seeing as it’s the festive period, with Christmas being about a week away, I have decided to show you some of the best (and the absolute worst) of Christmas songs released by Punk bands. This list is balanced between old and new punk bands, as in my research I have found a couple of 70s and 80s ones.

At Christmas, you tend to hear the same songs, the Slade, the Wizzard, the Wham!, the dreaded Mariah Carey and the other ‘classics’ that everyone plays over and over. Everyone loves them allegedly, but some secretly hate them. Mariah Carey is my pet hate. Sing out of your mouth and not your nose!

I’m not including Bowling For Soup as they released a full album, but do listen for a bit of joyous Christmas punk.

So, get your Now That’s What I Call Christmas CD (whichever year, they’re all the same), and kick it out the window, as I show you the 5 Christmas songs released by punk bands.

Ramones – Merry Christmas I Don’t Wanna Fight Tonight

Released in 1989, the late Ramones period, Ramones provide a good antidote to the pop sound of modern day Christmas. The band sound great with the Christmas Punk mix.

The format of punk, co-created by The Ramones in 1976, usually consists of the title line being said in the chorus or even mentioned in the verse and the chorus, and this follows that rule and does it sevenfold. Merry Christmas I Don’t Wanna Fight Tonight is said in abundance.

Overall, a great one from Ramones. Any punk fan will like this song, at least I hope so! The Ramones still were healthy and thrashing in 1989, and seeing as the original members are all dead now, why don’t you celebrate Christmas by playing this at silly Db to annoy the neighbours.

Green Day – Xmas Time Of The Year

This was released last year (2015) and was ignored as a ‘one off’ and ‘weak’. Actually, I think this is better than people think. It sounds melancholic, but still the punk rock sound that Green Day aces.

Also, this was the last evidence of Green Day being together since the Uno Dos Tre trilogy in 2012. Since then, they have released Revolution Radio and are planning a tour for next year, but some people were losing hope, including me. Uno Dos Tre was weak, regarded as the worst Green Day albums, but it did bring us a date at Reading 2013, which was an explosive set.

This song is fine, again an antidote for the pop, but not the best it could be.

blink-182 – I Won’t Be Home For Christmas

blink-182. A punk band with lots of fans. The track starts with a bad version of Deck The Halls then the other instruments. This song is angry, a more sad approach to Christmas, given the title ‘I Won’t Be Home For Christmas’. The story of the song tells you that Matt Skiba (vocalist) is falling out with his family.

This song is good, one of the better ones. The song tells an important story, the darker side of Christmas. Other examples of these types of songs are in the 2013 Erasure album Snow Globe, which deals with depression at Christmas. More on that album coming next week.

blink-182 released California in 2016 and will tour extensively next year.

Fall Out Boy – Yule Never Shoot Your Eye Out

Part of the emo ‘holy trinity’, Fall Out Boy label this as a bonus track on their greatest hits. This isn’t really a punk song, as it is acoustic, but I’m still counting it.

Again, a more melancholic Christmas song, with the main line being, ‘Merry Christmas, I couldn’t care less.’ Fall Out Boy do their craft well, and they pull this off well in this song. I’m going to start using ‘Merry Christmas, I couldn’t care less.’ to people who start celebrating Christmas before December.

Those bloody people. Trees are for mid December to early January, not before and not after.

All Time Low – Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass

All Time Low, another pop punk emo band for teenagers in a ‘phase’. To be honest, this song isn’t bad, but not on a blink-182 and Ramones level. It’s sweary, it’s edgy, it’s mediocre. ‘Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass’ the title is used as the comeback, effective line. The song works well, but only with the target audience. Being a teenager myself, I find it slightly embarrasing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a pop punk fan.

All Time Low are touring round the UK next March and should be touring in other places soon. They released Future Hearts in 2015.

So there you have it, some good, some bad, some rocking, some really stale. Let me know if you have any major thoughts on the subject please tweet me @dstntpstreviews . Have a great day/evening and I will see you soon for the next post! AC


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