Review: Unknown Mortal Orchestra – SB-04

So I woke up this morning, intending to write something about London Grammar’s new single, but I went onto my chosen streaming service and found out that a new ‘SB’ track by American/Kiwi band Unknown Mortal Orchestra, or UMO, had been released. After nearly fainting in excitement, I put it on, and here are my thoughts.

This song is 20 minutes long, the longest UMO song and probably one of the longest songs this century, as popular music has taken the format of nothing more than 5 minutes. My favourite ‘long’ songs include Blue Monday (New Order), Marquee Moon (Television) and Telegram Road (Dire Straits). It’s unfortunate that we don’t get many of these kinds of songs in the mainstream these days, but people’s attention spans shorten, so I guess they have to suit the consumer to be popular.

This song is absolutely fantastic. It’s extremely uncanny and weird, but that adds to the greatness. The track starts with sounds that I interpret of setting up, then quickly get’s into the multitude of different sounds that are put together.

Ruban Nielson and his band have created a masterpiece, all four of these ‘SB’ tracks are incredible, and deserve more recognition. And the fact that I passed up listening to London Grammar and listened to this just shows how remarkable this work is by them.

UMO have supported Tame Impala on their 2016 tour and are still making music, so watch out for more stuff.

If you’re reading this, go listen to this track, you really won’t regret it, I promise you.






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