Review: London Grammar – Rooting For You

Despite the recent incident in Australia, where 19 people were rushed to hospital after the stampede at Falls Festival (London Grammar were about to go on stage), London Grammar have released a new single called ‘Rooting For You’. This is the first new material from the band since the debut album If You Wait in 2013.

The track starts off very quiet and continues to pursue the low-key sadness tone during the song. Hannah Reid’s lyrics are really hard hitting, she sings with raw emotion and is an incredible vocalist. There are great and appropriate uses of the piano, the most popular instrument of this genre of song, as well as the guitar put in there in some places which are equally as good.

When Reid sings in her higher voice, it doesn’t bother me which is a revelation to me. I usually hate ‘the screechy artists’ such as Mariah Carey, sometimes Whitney Houston and my pet hate Celine Dion. They all sound like dying kittens to me, but Reid sounds dignified and pulls it off spectacularly.

You can pause sometimes in the song and think about what’s just been sung, such as ‘But I’m scared of loneliness, When I’m, when I’m alone with you’. You can interpret that however you want to, but I interpret that as being with someone you hate. Some really clever lyrics.

To some people, the song could be regarded as ‘boring’ and a bit ‘samey’, as some people call the piano music with peaks and falls. Personally, I like this kind of music if executed well, and I believe that this can be included in the top end of the ‘subgenre’.

In conclusion, this song is a masterpiece. I’m really glad London Grammar are widely recognised and are put in headline slots as their music is one of the best of the 21st century. Everyone, and I mean everyone, should listen to this track. This is the best way to start off 2017, this and the Unknown Mortal Orchestra symphony, and I now believe that 2017 isn’t going to be the worst thing ever.


Spotify (Studio Recording):

Youtube (A live version with an orchestra):


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