Review: You Me At Six – Heavy Soul


So, You Me At Six, they have a big album releasing on Friday, so they released Heavy Soul on the Friday before, a usual stunt with albums like this. So, looking at the stuff released I gave this a listen and this is my opinion.

The track is catchy enough to be hummed but isn’t earwormthy (I think I just made that up). I would think of this, but it’s not Blue Monday or the Leonard Nimoy’s incredible track The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins. It won’t be featured on Shaun Keaveny, let’s just say. Maybe the songwriters weren’t going for that, but all successful songs are remembered by singing and humming them to others, at least from my experience. I feel that this is something that lacks in this song.

It is, unfortunately, a by the numbers rock song for teenagers. The verse, the smash on the drums, the chorus with repeated lines x4, that again, a bit quiet, then a loud and ‘euphoric’ ending. It’s nothing we haven’t heard before.

So, the Surrey band have hopefully got something up their sleeve for the LP, but at this rate, the album will be really weak and not sell well. I wish them luck, but this track is unimaginative at the best of times.




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