Review: Honey G – The Honey G Show

‘When I was a little girl growing up in North Weezy, listening to Snoop Dogg, Dre and Yeezy.’ The first bar of the X Factor contestant Honey G’s new single makes no sense at all. Kanye is only 4 years older than her. Not an incredible start.

Anna Georgette Gilford (better known by her stage name Honey G) applied for the X Factor UK in 2016 and somehow got far through the show’s stages and came fifth. She has signed to the show owner’s label, Syco. She released ‘The Honey G Show’ on December 23rd and it absolutely flopped, ranking 151st on the UK charts. This could spell the end of Honey G, but she’s the ‘No. 1 rap innovator’. Not so much anymore.

So, the act (and the track) is supposed to be a mock on black rap culture. To be honest, it’s a mock on herself, which I’m not sure is her fault or the songwriter’s fault. The writing is poor and by the numbers and doesn’t mean anything. Rap can mean something to people, but I got nothing from this, it’s just pure bland, inoffensive and really boring once you’ve got 30 seconds into it. You’re not guessing what she’s going to do next.

I’m really happy that this performed badly in the charts, as it’s just plain awful and not worth people’s 99p. Don’t quit your day job, Anna, you’ve just had your 15 minutes of fame, and they’re up now.



Sum Up: Don’t listen to it, not worth the time, the effort of clicking and absolute pain that comes from it.


Twitter: @distantpstmusic



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