Interview: Go Primitive

Go Primitive are a four-piece alternative rock band from Warwickshire UK. They produce infectious rock riffs inspired by many different artists. They have released two EPs to date, Blueprint and 100 Ways.  I talked to them earlier this week and here’s what they said:

How was it playing Glastonbury?

It was a surreal experience at the time, it kind of flew by and took a while to sink in that we just played one of the biggest festivals in the world! We also got featured on BBC2 red button which was massive for us! So yeah, it was pretty incredible.

Who are your main influences in your music?

It’s hard to pin the main influences because we are all influenced by so much. From Zeppelin to The Offspring, it’s all in there!

Do you have an LP release planned?

We have just recorded our debut album which should be released in 2017 but that’s as much as we know at the moment.

What do the band do outside playing your songs?

Outside of playing songs… Watching shark films, eating burritos and getting competitive over table tennis!

Where do you want to be in 5 years time?

Creating killer music and touring the world.

Your favourite bands?

Billy Talent
Arcane Roots
Biffy Clyro
Fort Hope
The Used
The list is endless!

Go Primitive Links:





Make sure to check them out, they definitely deserve it. I’m going to try to interview an artist/band every Sunday, so watch out for that!

Have a good day, and see you on the next one.


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