Review: Ed Sheeran – Castle On The Hill and Shape Of You

Ed Sheeran. I don’t care how much you love or loathe him, but he produces his craft well, and his sound is something you know. One of the alumni of BBC Introducing, he headlined the stage of the same name at the Glastonbury. Now he is set to headline the Pyramid Stage this year, which goes to show how popular he has become.

Sheeran announced the release of new music in a silent 10-second clip on Twitter. There was much hype around the event, and a part of that was me.

I’m not a huge Ed fan. I loved ‘Sing’ because of it being so catchy and ‘Don’t’ was good too. I wasn’t a big fan of his debut, +, but it did have some corkers on there including the infamous ‘The A Team’. ‘Lego House’ I absolutely hated.

So, without further ado, I will review both tracks from his upcoming album, Divide.

We start with Castle on the Hill. This track he says is inspired by his childhood, and that definitely comes across in this song. Also, it has a folk sound to it, similar to what Niall Horan’s new material. I think this is the superior track, but both have their merits.

The structure of the song is very basic. Quiet and mellow verse, ooh it’s getting louder, an explosion of happiness and feeling uplifted and then repeat. The structure is a huge part of the song, and this is poor in my opinion.

Yes, it will make any die-hard fan cry, but there isn’t much substance and merit that comes with this track.


Shape Of You is the other song released by Mr Sheeran this year, and the superior track. It’s got the same formula as other singles by Sheeran, ‘Sing’ rings true with this one. The song is about someone’s ‘shape’, but it could be about anything at this point in the music industry. The Lancashire Hotpots sang a song about IKEA.

This song is really really catchy, has a more advanced structure and therefore pays off better and gives a more pleasing sound. I love this song, and it stays true through the song.


Overall, out of these two songs, Shape Of You is far superior to the other one. Sheeran has a huge fanbase and I think he didn’t disappoint, at least I hope not.

Shape Of You



Castle On The Hill



Have a great day, and see you on the next one.


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