Review: The Chainsmokers – Paris

The Chainsmokers, you’ve heard Closer (unfortunately), so will their new single fail to impress much like #SELFIE (the atrocity). I want The Chainsmokers to do better, DJ’s can be very creative. For example, Avicii has released some epic stuff, and Fatboy Slim did the infamous ‘Right Here, Right Now’ as well as ‘Weapon Of Choice’, which remains a top pick of mine.

This song is mediocre at best. There is the mandatory ‘getting drunk’, ‘away from parents’ and all of this decade’s musical gimmicks. Also, the drum beat behind is very unimaginative and is persisting to be annoying in new releases like these.

That said, the lyrics are fine, the beat is catchy and I guess some people can ‘relate’ to it. It’s not my problem if they like a song, just it isn’t that much to go on, this. It’s better than the Halsey track, but still not absolutely groundbreaking in electronica, unlike some talent we’ve seen recently like Bon Iver’s spellbinding folktronica and The xx’s new stuff is constantly innovating in the genre. This, could be placed anytime, anywhere and is brilliantly mediocre.

These tracks have gained a lot of traction, and this is set to enter the charts at number 1. However, when other tracks deserve plenty more recognition, artificial copies of stuff we’ve heard before is played by the pop radios, amongst a minority of innovative tracks.

Electronica works best when mixed with another genre, much like the aforementioned Bon Iver, but this is plain boring and repetitive.




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