Review: Maximo Park – Risk To Exist

Risk To Exist is a song released this Friday by UK rock band Maximo Park (I classify it as post-post-punk, read 6 Music’s Alternative Jukebox). It is amongst the Trump protest songs (my favourite so far being the Gorillaz and Benjamin Clementine), so it was good to hear some optimism this week.

Paul Smith (vocalist) performs this extremely well, he has a brilliant unique voice. All the instruments fit also perfectly with the song, it sounds thorough, well made and creative. It’s a return to form from the debut and the sophomore albums that I adore. The discography onwards is mediocre on their level, with brief outbursts of greatness with The National Health. This sounds like the Maximo Park I love, and I could not glorify that enough.

The song is all about optimism, Smith states, ‘It’s a risk just to exist, I’m so glad to be alive.’. This means that it’s a miracle that any of us are alive to me, which is a mindset that many more people should occupy, and not take for granted our health, social status, class, wealth or friends. This song has given a deeper meaning to life for me, and that isn’t in a cliche sense, I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Maximo Park’s upcoming will be called the same as this track and is released on the 24th of April 2017. They are currently doing a deal on their store, with signed gear as well.

They should be touring this year, but seeing as they toured last year too, it might be later than sooner this year.



Maximo Park Risk To Exist Offers:



Have a great day, and remember to be glad to be alive!

I apologise that I have been inactive this week, I’ve been caught up in work.


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