REVIEW: Rag ‘N’ Bone Man – Skin

So, the BRITs Critics Choice award winner Rag’n’Bone Man (Rory Graham) released his single ‘Skin’ this week. I give my thoughts on it below.

The song opens with Graham saying, melancholically, ‘I Was Thinking about you’. It’s a generic line, that some people can connect to. The verse has a good beat, a catchy one, but the lyrics don’t mean anything to me. The verse is the weakest part of the song. Then the chorus, with Graham and several other backing vocalists say ‘When I heard that sound, when the walls came down, I was thinking about you’. This is powerful words, which I can connect to, but the chorus is far from perfect, with the clattering drums. That distracted me from the meaning.

This song isn’t terrible, but isn’t the glorious pop song of the year. I think that Rag N Bone Man is talented, but this song is not disclosing his full potential. Unfortunately, this isn’t the worthy follow up to ‘Human’ that we wanted.

In my opinion, Rag N Bone Man wasn’t the best in the Sound Of 2017, as many people thought he was. My winners were either The Japanese House, great indie, or The Amazons, heavy riffs and images of Queens Of The Stone Age most vividly in there.

General Gist: Fine, but fairly forgettable.


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I’ve got something great for Sunday, so watch this space. AC 


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