REVIEW: Lorde – Liability

So, Lorde’s comeback as a more mature 20-year-old has been well received so far, with the single ‘Green Light’, but today I am focusing on Friday’s new single, ‘Liability’. I really enjoyed Lorde’s debut, ‘Pure Heroine’, especially the sensational hit ‘Royals’ (the anthem of my year). I was more agnostic towards the Hunger Games track, but nothing compared to CHVRCHES on that soundtrack.

The track starts with a melancholic piano, which is nothing new for any of us. However, when Lorde’s vocals kick in, it’s enchanting. She has a great tone, a genuine one. It shows raw emotion and sadness.

The lyrics are also very well written, by her I am led to believe. For a 20-year-old, this is exemplary talent. It’s as she seems to have a strange maturity like she has been in the business for much longer than the mere 4-5 years.

My reservations are that it seems slightly unoriginal to me. By this, I mean that I have heard similar or practically the same plenty of times. A strong female voice singing about not being good enough. The NME compared it to Welcome To The Black Parade, which is accurate for the instrumental, bar the headbanging emo bit.

Is this Royals? No, but it’s still brilliant, in its own way, except the familiarness of it.

I am eagerly awaiting the sophomore album, ‘Melodrama’, which I hope to be reviewing in full.


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I apologize profusely for not posting, I went on holiday, then I was neck deep in work. But hopefully, I will be doing more from now on!

Have a great day/sleep,



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